Custom Android Application Development

Custom Android mobile Apps development

Google's Android is an operating system for hand held devices like mobile phones, tablet PC and notebooks. The Android OS is Java based and consists of important parts like, application and application framework, libraries, Android run time and Linux core.

Android Application Development Services

CRR Mobile Development Experts has expert in Android mobile apps development, CRR useing the Android Software Development Kit. Android mobile framework has some very important mobile apps development tools. CRR useing Android Emulator & Android Plugin Tools with Eclipse Environment to create high performance mobile Android Mobile apps. Our mobile developers experts in those function of the Android SDK in their Android Application development process:

  • CRR Use SQ- Lite for data storage to overcome the storage problems usually associated with mobile phones.
  • CRR Use Comprehensive libraries for 2D and 3D graphics that enable the developer to bring in the desktop effect in to Android based mobile apps
  • Wide ranging libraries for video, audio and image files
  • Bluetooth, 3G, EGDE and WIFI support
  • Rich Development environment that uses various tools to design, debug and test run the Android mobile applications in run-time environment.
  • Support for video camera, touchscreen, GPS, accelerometer and Magnetometer features of the mobile phones
  • Application like Google application map, personal information management system, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communication, SMS program, Inter process communication messaging system for responsive and interactive mobile applications.

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