Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile APPs & Software Development Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the popularity of offshore software development growing so fast?

There are two main reasons:

Shortage of domestic IT professionals in the USA and Western European countries

Customer’s wish to cut development expenses.

Why are INDIAN offshore software development Services provider are popular at the market?

Important reason attracting customers to INDIAN offshore software development market is a relatively low level of programmer’s salary and small overheads. It allows to minimize expenses that in many cases is the determinant.

What’s the difference between contract programming and outsourcing?

These two terms are often confused, but they are not the same at all. Contracting is when a company (customer) purchases services from another company (supplier). In this situation, the customer "owns" and controls the process. In other words, the customer tells the supplier exactly what it wants and how it wants the supplier to perform those services. The supplier cannot vary from the customer's instructions in any way. The customer can replace the supplier quite easily by canceling the contract.

In outsourcing, the customer turns over the control ("ownership") of the process to the supplier. The customer tells the supplier what results it wants the supplier to achieve, but the supplier decides how to accomplish those results. In outsourcing, the supplier has expertise in a certain process (such as programming or WEB-development, etc.), and it has economies of scale. If the customer were to dictate to the supplier how to do the job (as happens in contracting), the customer would be destroying an important aspect that makes outsourcing work – the value that is created by using the supplier's expertise and economies of scale. Telling the supplier how to do the job also eliminates accountability on the part of the supplier, and this is an important element in successful outsourcing relationships.

Here is an example of software development services that are outsourced and that are contracted.

Contracted: The customer says it wants a program for staff planning. The customer tells the supplier how this program should work, how screen and printed forms should look like, which programming language and development tools should be used, etc…

Outsourced: The customer says it wants to automate the process of staff planning assuming that he needs some software to reach the result. The customer describes his intentions in general way, assigns the limit of expenses that he is ready to spend and provides supplier with all necessary information about planning rules and practice in customer’s company. Then the supplier decides how to accomplish the task, how many programs customer really needs, should these programs be implemented as client-server system or no, which programming languages and database systems are the most suitable, etc.

We don’t want to say here that one of these two models is better than another. Depending upon the situation, each of these models may be desirable and successful. We have an experience in both.

How do I get started with CRR Technologies?

All you have to do is to send us your request for proposal. And if this information is sufficient, we will respond with a quote. If you have a question or concern - don't hesitate to forward it to us. Our managers are waiting for your inquiries and will reply promptly. We also suppose the best way to gain the level of confidence in each other is to have a small test project which we will do with a 50% discount.

Will I be able to monitor and control the development progress?

Absolutely. We can submit development reports, current source code and application demos on a regular basis. We can give you ftp access to all development files to see and control the development process at any time you like. Also we make a working schedule so that a customer may see an application framework, demos and UI at the early stage of the development process. This let you make early corrections to the design, shorten the number of design-development iterations for large and complex projects and considerably save your funds as the result. You can also suggest you own ways to monitor the process to make yourself feel confident.

I am concerned about the delays introduced both by the difference in time zones and in the delays of other project priorities. Would you expect to be able to give us confirmed delivery dates and bids with milestones and checkpoints along the way?

Absolutely but provided that you and we have clear understanding about the application to be developed. After we negotiated and agreed on all the features, functionality and UI, we will be able to make a specification, working schedule with milestones and checkpoints. Also our project managers work overtime often to ensure good dialog and prompt replies to your questions.

I have concerns about Intellectual Property Ownership. Who owns the final product?

Most often our customers hold the copyrights and own the final product. This is fixed in the contract.

How do I pay?

The simplest and the most secure way is to use wire transfers. In the United States the expenses on offshore software development are tax deductible.

I see that your programmers are foreign nationals. How would we communicate with them through the course of the project? Would there be an English speaking manager assigned to us as our point of contact?

We fully understand your concerns about the quality of communications, since in fact many offshore companies don't provide it. The quality of communications usually includes fast reply time, accuracy and good English writing/speaking skills. Although our programmers are foreign nationals, they have more than sufficient English skills to do their work. They are regularly tested and have excellent reading, good writing and satisfactory English speaking skills. That means that they will fully understand specifications, write substantial source comments and prepare good technical documentation. Also we assign at least one project manager to every project who will be your primary point of contact. Every project manager speaks/writes/reads English fluently. Project managers work overtime often, ensuring prompt replies to customer e-mails.

With the advent of Internet and World Wide Web, the world of communications has changed. Internet makes people feel very close to each other when in fact they are crossed by ocean. We use Internet communication to cut down all communication costs and to utilize new teleconferencing, information and data exchange technologies. Most companies now widely use the conveniences of Internet communications.

I saw a lot of offshore software development advertisement. What are the advantages dealing with your company?

Please see about us page for more information and the benefits our company can provide. In short we offer a great combination of very competitively priced services which in result let you feel confident that your software is being developed on time, on budget, in full compliance with your requirements and with an excellent quality.

What are your standard terms and conditions?

We can offer different types of contracts. If you didn't elaborate on all your requirements and if your design is not yet prepared and can subsequently change during the development process, we would feel more comfortable with a time & material contract. If the scope of work is well defined, we can provide a fixed price. After negotiating the contract, the development work begins according to its terms and conditions.

May I propose my own conditions?

We are quite flexible and ready to consider your suggestions.

Can you send me some code excerpts to see its style, commenting and code quality?

We have to say that some of our customers don't want us to provide source code or even ask us to delete it after we have completed the development. Thus our best work can not be presented to you. Nevertheless what we can show is also quite impressive. Write to us for receiving source code excerpts. If your company has own programming style, our developers have experience in following different coding styles and meeting different code requirements.

How I can be sure in your programming quality?

All HTML,PHP,Object C, Android and other code are developed in full compliance with object oriented methodology. Methods and classes are designed to be robust and well structured. Error handling is also done according to OOP recommendations. Recently we created a special QA/QC that checks the software quality according to ISO standards. After the development we thoroughly test the application before giving it to a customer. Our software has a half-year warranty period when we fix newly discovered bugs free of charge.

If you have any comments or questions to be answered, simply Send Email