Mobile APPs & Software Development Pricing

Mobile APPs & Software Development Pricing

Obviously, each outsourcing job is priced on a case-by-case basis. For any project, we will review your requirements carefully and provide you the most reasonable price. You can get the high quality services at the price of US$20-35 per hour.

First, when receiving the customer's requirement, our engineers will gather the information by examining the existing specifications and/or older version to analyze customer's requirements accurately. Then we will provide customer a proposal which includes a brief project schedule and quotation according to the analysis results. After that we will keep on communicating with customers and make a final agreement on the schedule and price. The similar projects we have done will be used for quotation guidelines.

Our cost covers - program development, source code (except proprietary programs if any), documentation and free technical support via email for 6 months from the date of project completion.

Payment Stages - The development process includes 3 stages: Alpha version, Beta version + testing, and Final version, the payment stages: Pre-payment 20-30%, Beta 60%, Final 10%-20%. This is also subject to negotiation according to the requirement of each project.

Terms of payment - We accept payment via Bank Wire Transfer, Check or Credit Card through online services.

Free enquiry to CRR Technologies - If you have any enquires, please fill in the following form and submit it.

And we will provide you with the quotation as soon as possible.

Also you could send us your requests and questions to: